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2014 Events

March 31, Monday

7:00 pm | Old 502 Winery | Mag Bar

· Press conference (7:30 p.m., Old 502 Winery)

· Old 502 Winery musical acts: Southern Siren, The Moonlight Peddlers, The Bottom Sop, Field of Kings, Small Time Napoleon

· Mag Bar musical acts: Goast, Prism, Jarret Horvath, Duffy, iNTELLI G, Cosmo Colt

· Literacy readings (Old 502 Winery): Rachel Short, Heidi Taylor, Frogg Corpse

· Live Art (Old 502 Winery): Braylyn Resko Stewart 

· Tickets $5 per venue

· The Monkey Wrench after party (No cover)


April 1, Tuesday

9:00 pm | OPEN Gallery | New Vintage Showcase

· OPEN Gallery musical acts: Buffalo, Mad Generation, Storm Generation

· OPEN Gallery featured artists: Ron Whitehead and all the GonzoFest artists

· New Vintage Showcase musical acts: Discount Guns, Graffiti, Appalatin

· Literary readings & art exhibit (OPEN Gallery): Mark James, J.R. Hammond, Black Falcon

· Tickets $5 per venue

· The Monkey Wrench after party (No cover)


April 2, Wednesday

7:00 pm | Haymarket Whiskey Bar | Revelry Boutique Gallery

· Revelry Boutique Gallery (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, No cover): Russel Hulsey (poet) and Andy Cook

· Haymarket Whiskey Bar musical acts: New Bravado, Whiskey Riders, The Tunesmiths, Local Villains

· Tickets $5

· The Monkey Wrench after party (No cover)


April 3, Thursday

7:00 pm | The Monkey Wrench

· Discussions: James Higdon, Frank Messina, Ron Whitehead

· Musical acts: Smoketown Productions

· Literary readings: Andy Cook and Kelly Cook

· Art installation: Joe Autry

· Tickets $10

· The Monkey Wrench after party (No cover)


April 4, Friday

5:30 pm | Kentucky Science Center | Muhammad Ali Center

· Kentucky Science Center: Screening of the documentary on Ralph Steadman's Life, For No Good Reason, narrated by Johnny Depp

· Muhammad Ali Center musical acts: Frank Messina, The Bonemen, Susi Wood, Michael Dean Odin Pollock, David Amram, and special surprise guests

· Kentucky Science Center Tickets $50 | Muhammad Ali Center Tickets $20

· The Monkey Wrench after party (No cover)


April 5, Saturday

3:00 pm | 418 East Main Street

· Musical acts: Elephant Room, A Lion Named Roar, Vessel, Jack Holiday and the Westerners,

Mad Road Artists and special guests

· Keynote speech by Anita Thompson

· Hunter's Gonzoville Banner unveiling

· 25+ vendors and food booths

· Puppet Parade and children’s area

· Suggested donation $10

· The Monkey Wrench after party (No cover)

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